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Telephone Psychic Readings with Marcus Starr

What to expect from a psychic reading with Marcus Starr

Psychic Medium, Love, Relationships, Career, Bereavement, Energy Healer & Predictions

Due to high demand, private telephone readings with Marcus Starr must be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

Please text or call Marcus on 0800 099 6138 or email him at to secure an appointment.

The highly popular psychic medium Marcus Starr has been featured on various platforms: Television, Radio, Psychic Touring Events, Popular Psychic Websites & Social Media.

He has read for people from all walks in life; from the rich and famous to the random passerby on the street. Marcus has always been compelled to pass on important messages from the spirit world.

During a telephone reading with Marcus you can expect to receive compassion, understanding and honest psychic answers. Marcus Starr is a quick and proficient medium psychic - meaning that he is a natural psychic that doesn't use any tools apart from his highly developed psychic senses of the 4 "clairs".

Marcus can hear voices from spirit (clairaudient), see into the future (clairvoyant), feel emotions (clairsentient) and have intense gut feelings (claircognition) about a person or situation.

So precise are his psychic mediumship abilities that he can pick up people's (living or otherwise) names, birthdays, occupations, mannerisms and appearances.

Feel free to confide in Marcus over love, relationships, career, pets, paranormal activity or anything else under the sun!

Blessed with immense psychic gifts, deep empathy and with a large loyal customer base - spanning over 20 years it's no wonder that Marcus is in such high demand!

So call Marcus Starr today on 0800 099 6138 or email him at to book a telephone reading.

Calls cost £85 for 1 hour .

Entertainment purposes only. Customers must be 18 years old or over and have the bill payer's permission.

Please note that we have zero tolerance for abuse or harrassment. Any customers displaying any sort of intimidating behaviour can expect to be reported to the authorities and denied any services from Marcus Starr. Thank you for your understanding.

For those who require more urgent readings, please try calling our LIVE TELEPHONE PSYCHICS.

Telephone Psychic Readings with Marcus Starr:

  • Psychic messages direct from spirit
  • Energy healing
  • Predictions
  • Love, relationships, career, pets...
  • £85 for 1 hour
  • Bookings only - please contact Marcus Starr to secure an appointment.
  • Call Marcus Starr on 0800 099 6138
  • Email Marcus Starr at

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