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Marcus Starr - Prayers and Blessings

Donations Welcome

Psychic Medium, Prayers, Comfort, Recovery, Strength, Bereavement, Blessings, Distance Healing

What is a prayer? Many believe that prayer is a way to communicate with God, our Creator, our Spirit guides or our higher conscience but we seldom ask why we pray?

Prayers are sacred. They are our private feelings, fears and most cherished wishes.

There are many reasons to pray. Marcus works closely with spirit and can help add power to your prayers in return for a monetary donation of your choice (preferably in GBP).

All donations will be greatly appreciated and will help support good causes which we will feature on this page very shortly.

The following are examples of frequent prayer and blessing requests - but you are free to make your own. Just let Marcus know.

  • Praying for yourself/a loved one in poor health for strength/speedy recovery
  • Praying for a loved one in the spirit world for blessings in the afterlife
  • Praying for healing over the loss of a loved one
  • Praying for the safe return of a loved one or lost pet
  • Praying for safety and psychic protection around yourself, family and friends.
  • Praying for spiritual guidance and support during a stressful time
  • Praying for healing of a broken relationship.
  • Praying for support ahead of an important exam..etc.
  • Blessings around an important event such as a birthday/anniversay/wedding/proposal.
  • Blessings around a newborn, new relationship/job or house move.

Whatever the situation, whatever the reasons, all prayers and blessings are welcome.

Ask Marcus Starr, psychic medium and gifted healer to make a prayer or blessing on your behalf in return for a donation of your choosing.

Please text or call Marcus on 0800 099 6138 or email him at entertainments@post.com to make a donation and prayer/blessing request.

Entertainment purposes only. Customers must be 18 years old or over.

Please note that we have zero tolerance for abuse or harrassment. Any customers displaying any sort of intimidating behaviour can expect to be reported to the authorities and denied any services from Marcus Starr. Thank you for your understanding.

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